72 Best Kitchen Cabinets Design and Decor Ideas

24 Best Kitchen Cabinets Design and Decor Ideas

Refreshing your kitchen doesn’t require a gut renovation. If your existing cabinets are in good condition, paint them a bold hue, whether a pale blue, a rich black, or something in between, to instantly take the space from cookie-cutter to high-style. A dimly lit room can become inviting and cheery, and an expansive kitchen can feel dramatic and intimate, all with the swipe of a paintbrush. Cabinets can serve as a beautiful contrast to the wall color, or for a cohesive look, try painting both surfaces the same shade.

Pack an inspirative mood with freshly painted kitchen cabinets. It’s an age-old method of giving cabinets a clean look that’s been updated with newly developed paints to make your job easier. Before launching head-first into this project, though, keep yourself in check by remembering that every single item must be taken out and stored, doors and drawers need to be removed, every surface to be painted needs thorough cleaning, and the insides of the cabinets need to be addressed somehow.

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