25 Magnificant Closets Ideas for Your Best Clothes

06 Magnificant Closets Ideas for Your Best Clothes

A walk-in closet can be quite a luxury. Who doesn’t drool over those beautiful closets you see with miles of shelving and hanging space and even an island in the middle full of storage drawers. But just because you have a closet that you can “walk” into, doesn’t mean that you have a huge closet. In fact, some “walk-in” closets can be quite small. One sided. Or even more of a step-in then really a “walk” in.

And if you have a smaller walk-in closet, it can be even more complicated to organize then a large wall closet. Our closet is an okay size, but not huge by any means. And it has seemed, for the past five years, like a pretty big waste of space. It hasn’t been well used; and it ends up as a dumping ground. I hope you find some inspiration, as well!

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